Sleepy Sailor

by Man Named Pearl

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Recorded in my room from Winter 2011 - Summer 2012


released April 19, 2013

Flute: Elena Juliano
Drums: Ben Opatut
Piano: Aidan Kaplan
Organ: Andy Turits

Recorded by: Jesse Turits
Mixed and Mastered by: Steve Skinner

Cover Art: Eva DeMeo



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Man Named Pearl New York, New York

Metropolitan Mountain Boy

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Track Name: All of This Time
I could climb a mountain
And breathe in a different altitude
With all of this anxiety in me

I think about you daily
And I think about you nightly
I miss both the colors of the sea

The water flows and lava streams
As I dwell upon my torturous dreams
I cannot stop my mind from circling

I love you so, don't let me go
I know you love me too, I know
But the days pass so slow when you're not here

All of this time
To make sad and lonesome rhymes
With my hand sharpened pencil and mind

I feel like I'm betraying you
Cause I'm afraid of what you do
But please know I trust you, I'm just insecure
You're my love around the world

Well, when you come back, stay
And please pirate don't say
That my heart was raided on the waves

I love you, you're my light
And I know we're wrapped up tight
But for once you cannot light this cave
Track Name: Fire and the Frost
Can I tell you, can I tell you
Can I tell you what has come and what has gone
In the city, in the meadows
In the hills lay the Fire and the Frost

Oh my heart it has its differences
It was red but now I see it's turning blue
And my head it starts regretting
Things I should have done but wouldn't have been just as fun

But oh how you looked at me
In that dark steady night
The moon shining down on me
I don't know what is right, I don't know what is wrong or what is right

There's no reason for each season
There's no meaning to which way that you are leaning
Used to muse me, now you just confuse me
When you take me in and suddenly shut me out
Track Name: The Way You Did Me
Just like you came, you left without a name
You left without a number to call
You aren't there in your eyes through your hair
There's no you, no you there at all

Did I do wrong, am I not strong
Am I just not what you need
It didn't hurt, until I found the dirt
In the cut that you left me to bleed

Thirty two songs for you
Forty if you're counting slow
I was so good to you
I was the best to you
Why is it the door that you show

Well run run run
Little girl in the sun
Forget what you said
Regret what you've done

Believe in yourself
Cause now there's no one else
To win you the way that I won

He's a fucking asshole
And believe me girl
You're no better than he is
If you're doing him the way you did me
Track Name: I Will Do What I See
Yes I will walk on down to the river mouth
And I'll see all the pretty flowers blooming in the south
As I smell all the perfume of the lilies of the trees
I shall not be afraid of holed up bees

I will set sail upon my purple pirate ship
Singing songs with my crew no fear of windy whips
And if they come I'll sit them down and discuss over tea
The status and general happiness of each other's trees

Oh, oh, oh
The pale moon laughter
Oh, oh, oh
The morning after
Oh, oh, oh
I will do what I see

And I will fly my helicopter full of angry seals
Bitching and moaning about the neighboring eels
Into the garden where I know someday I'll be
Remembering my days with the seals neath the sea
Track Name: Mighty Mighty Mountain
Mighty mighty mountain
Meets the end of her
Time we spend with her

Mighty mighty masses
Greet the friends of her
As they meet the turn

Live a life of laughing
Life of leading
Life of learning too

And even after passing
She's still blasting
Her windy tunes

But mighty mother mountain will never let go
So long as we still put on a good show
She was so proud, as we were so loud
When we Come Together, yeah
Track Name: Jumping Hoops
I will jump through the hoops
That are lit up with fire and ice
And I'll tear you away
From the place that is ridden with lice

My back upon my shoulder
My legs on top of hips
All on a quest for one special kiss

I'd sing only songs about love
But I'd bore my onlookers
I'd walk through the streets that are filled
With the crackheads and hookers

I keep walking west while the earth it moves east
To show that I can fight all of the monsters and the beasts

I want to walk upon your sea
An article centerfold magazine
A line in your book, just three or four words
But three of the best that you ever did heard

The weight of the world makes the coal
That we pray turns to diamonds
I hurt my guitar so that I can
Make something I love

And I'd vanquish all my enemies, my foot upon their chests
Only to show you that I love you the best
Track Name: My Little Indie Girlfriend
Five foot two
Eyes of blue
And I know that she's better than you
Cause she's gone and broke my heart in two
My Little Indie Girlfriend

Well she don't know what she do to me
When she looks at me up against the sea
Look out girls cause you'll never be
My Little Indie Girlfriend

But sundress girl up against the wall
Looks like you've just had a fall
Me too babe, why don't we fuck 'em all
Be my little indie girlfriend
My new little indie girlfriend
Track Name: Sleepy Sailor
Lay down your head upon my shoulder
Draw me into your pretty mind
I'll get you to sing before the evening's over
When all is alright, when all is aligned

Bring me on down to where we connect
Down by the river, on board the deck
Of my little sailboat with you my first mate
I am your carp and you are my bait

Play sleepy painter upon your new light
Sing for your sailor into the night
Who are we to question what's wrong and what's right
We're simply human's my pretty paper kite

Now that we've sang the night is still young
And when all's said and done you're still my only one

Bodies are empty without love
But our hearts are still beating in skies up above