-Quietus Make-

by Man Named Pearl

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Recorded from February to March of 2015.


released October 15, 2015

Produced by: Oliver Ignatius
Recorded at: Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen, Brooklyn, NY
Artwork by: Eva DeMeo (cargocollective.com/ritasalt)

Drums: Zac Coe
Lead Guitar: Juno Doe
Keys/Background Vocals/Guitar: Oliver Ignatius
Extra Stuff: Jamie Frey
Background Love: Chadbourne Oliver, Dan McLane

Special thanks to: Jack Turits, Noah Rosenberg, Ben Rosenfield, The Comanche Club, Rob and Kelly, Mom, Pop, Uncle Andy, Ira Siegel, Stephen Oosting, and the MCFK Community.

All songs written and composed by Jesse Turits



all rights reserved


Man Named Pearl New York, New York

Metropolitan Mountain Boy

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Track Name: Blue Blue Sea
Let's face reality
All this drifts gently
Into the blue blue sea

You seem so closed to me
Not like it used to be
Always I'll find the need
To fall to the blue blue sea

Well I don't know what it's like
Inside your memory
I can't control your kind
Inside my fantasy

I know it's all in me
All me eternally
Selfish blasphemy
Back my way, fall in stray
Straight to the blue blue sea

Devils in Angel wings
Pretty and evil things
Lay me down gently
Drown me so gently
Track Name: Insomniac's Lullaby
I lost you once
And I can't lose you again
When the night has turned
And Summer's at its end

I learned to love you
My dearest friend
But it's been a while
Since you've come 'round my bend

Honey I've lost you
Come on back home
The roosters are crowing
And the dogs are alone

They cry for you nightly
But not by the day
The girls are too feisty
To come home and play

The sequins they sparkle
But not like the gems
The sirens they sing
But there's death by their hymns

The stars are all out
But polaris still rests
Guide by the maps you've
Tattooed on your chest

Lullaby, lull me to sleep
Kiss me goodnight
I will lay out at your feet

Lullaby, lull me to sleep
I'm sorry that you're in the deep
Track Name: When You Woke
When you woke
I smelled smoke
When those eyes
Found the darkness
In which my heart lies
When you woke

When we fell
Inside our own
Sacred hell
The devil did run
Inside our lungs
When we fell

When you smiled
It often felt worth while
But how many times
Can we live to defile?
When you smiled
Track Name: The Pauper and the Pier
I woke up with you in my chest
Shivering sweet sickness
It's been so long since you've come along
But tonight is the night that you tell me my wrongs

Midnight might be that I rest
This song goes to sleep and I'll lose arrest
I've never hoped so much I was wrong
But it's often the case that I must say "So Long"

Don't go to sleep my dear
Play that song in my ear
Pray that your papa doesn't hear
All hail the pauper and the pier
Track Name: Quietly and Slow
Let me be your Marlboro
Burn me 'til I burn down low
Let my poison fill your holes
And kill you quietly and slow

I can be your rum and coke
Sip me slow 'til you go broke
Let my numbness seep and soak
And linger on your tongue and throat

I was waiting while you wake
In the cold of morning break
Love, no longer loving late
Pray for you my soul to take
Track Name: Coo
What virtue did I give you?
This name that we both share
Did it hurt you blind, love
When I said I cared?

I'm sorry that you're lonely
I am lonely too
I'm sorry I can't help you
I know, so are you.

Well what rose did I give you?
The white one or the red?
How big were the thorns, love
When they'd lay in my bed?

If we're both so said and lonely
What then do we do?
Smile when you see me
And kiss me when you coo.
Track Name: The Old Testament
Oh I was the son of Obed
I lived in Bethlehem
You were the wife of Adam
Born from within him

The tree of my descendants
Boasts a heavy claim
The tree of your descent
Was branded sin and blame

I presented all the seven
I thought would fit into
The mould of the Gilded
The chair of the few

The youngest who attended
My flock while I stepped 'way
Was fittest for the burden
To carry on my name

And darling you were Daniel
I was the Lion's Den
Volatile with anger
But your prayer would keep it in

The longer I refused you
The more that I would feed
For later on the king would
Be swallowed whole by me

But baby I was Noah
You were my great ship
Gathering the planet
For a mighty good trip

And sadly we just couldn't
Gather every pair
And though we'd be remembered
We'd live our lives despaired

So I follow you to eden
It was better than the plains
And we'd hide amongst the treetops
For seven more days
Track Name: Atlas
Cape Cod is kind of far from where I left you
Is Minnesota treating you right?
I didn't know New England gets this cold out
Though it's summer guess it's also night

It's storming here tomorrow did I tell ya?
The winds are coming in from Canada
You told me it was hailing by the rail yards
Wish I could hold off the coming flood

This sunset ain't as good
As that one that time we stood
On the bleachers facing west holding hands
Once upon a time, thought I was stronger
Than your average man

Did I tell you that I lost a little eye sight?
Doctor says I'm 20/21
Pretty much as good as last I saw ya
But I think that I'll get rid of all my guns

I've gained fifteen pounds since Monday
Honestly I think my balance off
An't got so much to say, but I'm trying anyway
I need your voice there's nothing quite as soft

Now this big ass bug is fighting with my window
And I'm honestly not sure who's gonna win
But I wish that you were here to whisper in my ear
And the go on and turn ourselves in

This sunset ain't as good
As that one that time we stood
On the bleachers facing west holding hands
Winds up now I see
I'm really simply
A stubborn boy set to a cock sure plan