Rumble Strips

by Man Named Pearl

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released November 12, 2013

Flute: Elena Juliano
Drum Kit: Ben Opatut
Aux. Vocals: Oliver Ignatius and Jessica Aquila-Cymerman

Recorded at Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen
Produced by Oliver Ignatius

Album Art: Eva DeMeo
Title Design: Jack Turits



all rights reserved


Man Named Pearl New York, New York

Metropolitan Mountain Boy

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Track Name: Geronimo
What good is enough when too much is too little
And all that I've toughed has melted in the middle
The rain on the beams
The rocks in the stream
At least that river knew which way to lean

That train is a comin' all down that line
The upper class ladies are looking mighty fine
To which station ho
Don't nobody know
Jump on in, Geronimo

Well it's been a long, warm summer
It's been a long, warm day
Now this earth has come around
Winter could be well on its way

Some spaceship and its cold window
Some fire and its warming glow
To which station ho
Don't nobody know
Jumo on in, Geronmo
Track Name: You and I
Fighting for the right to fall
Within the all of Autumn's call
The drummer keeps his head above his snare

Marching all along with you and I
Inside his Winter's tune
Taking forceful steps with gentle care

Searching for her place to sing
Within the yawn of dawning Spring
She finds it and she holds with all her might

Looking for the metaphors
In Summer's cedar chest-of-drawers
She finds it and she learns about their flight

And now it is you and I
Making plans beneath this nameless sky
Little one, you pretty one
I will scheme 'til you become
Proud of all the pretty things you've done

Well if you go or if you stay
A WInter or a Summer's day
I know that I will see you again

Happier than when we met
But no more than in this moment
The Song bird will follow round the bend

'Cause now it is you and I
Making plans beneath this nameless sky
Little one, you pretty one
I will scheme 'til you become
Proud of all the pretty things you've done
Track Name: Buried Alive
Love me in the mirror
Love me by the door
Love me though he's nearer
Love me though he's more

Eyes like needles
Prick like love
Sting like heartache
The longing dove

And even though you are gone
I will still sing this song

Meet me though it's colder
Meet me in the rain
I don't care we're older
I still feel untame

Buried alive
And there's no asking why
Knowing all about the lies
And the crimes that I passed by
When you come to me upon
That horse that you ride on
Know that I'm not gone
I'm just beneath the lawn

Well you have all I own now
I have what you've sown
Though it doesn't grow now
I won't starve alone

Here with me are secrets
Here with me are tales
Here in my heart
There in its trails
Track Name: Eva
You make the Wonders
Wonder why
They aren't just
As wonderful as you love

The pyramids are pissed off
'Cause you stole their lady's
Beautiful new eyes

Gym boys jump for joy
When you come to join
Their joint attempt
At playing dodgeball

Even though your league
Sued theirs for copyright

Though sometimes you just don't believe
What's between my arms
My heart it only exists
Because of your charms

Eva please know
That you're the only thing
I could ever want
And ever need
That I could truly, wholly,
Fully love believe conceive
Eva my darling

You make the wind
Turn hurricane
Because of how
You steam the rain

It's Cat. 2 and growing
Because you are sowing
The seeds of heated love
Track Name: Jekyll and Hyde
I'm just a Jekyll and Hyde
It only takes a few times
To erase me, and turn every tide

Inside is my broken mind
And seven eighths of the time
It embrace me, but one eighth there's no sign

I'm just a Jekyll and Hyde

But there's no way
No way in hell
That Mr. Hyde will come inside and break you and I
There's no way
No way in hell
That I'll let him take you from me
Track Name: Fortress of Morning
I've never loved like I love you
It's this halo in the night
This extraordinary sight
And I can't keep my emotions trapped inside

The Garden State southbound is what I recall
Smiling and crying from how we fall

I've never kissed like I kiss you
It's this effervescent need
This emulated speed
This hyperthermic feeling that we are living proof

That hearts can sow, and hearts shall reap
Before, and after, and when we sleep

And it's gonna be a heavy evening
It's gonna be a wintry night
Inside this face is the Fortress of Morning
Inside those eyes are the Palisades of Light

I've never breathed like I breathe you
Inhale all those ties
And exhale all the lies
And take into my lungs this unperfumed high

We are young, but we are right
We've found love feel its might
Track Name: In the Valley
The snow it falls down
More than I can
Remember in my short life
White and chaste, but with haste
To find the warm ground

In the Valley it will wander down
Never knowing where it's bound

I was young once,
I was young once
In that Valley of mine
Green and Bountied
Green and scented of Pine

In the Valley I will wander down
Never knowing where I'm bound

And I will find my own
Markings in the stone

In the Valley I will wander down
Still have youth but I've been uncrowned

And when I get to
That Valley of mine
I will find out why
Track Name: Roses
Shadows Rise, darkness Falls
Love now soaks my neurohalls
The hedonistic feeling when I see you

Wonderful ocean blue moon
Why'd you come now, why not June
Why do you rise and fall with all my hopes?

Oh well another love goes by with the smell
Of rose in a fish market

Beautiful five foot two
A wavy dirty blonde
Eyes that shine
That stop the time
When I look at her so fond

Oh well another love goes by with the smell
Of rose in a fish market

Day trips down strips of melted, sun-warmed tar
How come I see you there upon that shooting star?
Track Name: Therapy
I stole the continent with axes
Swords and poor peoples taxes
Lady lady the fact is
Well, uh, I did it just to send some faxes

A combination of contentment
Boredom, nostalgia, and relentless
Self doubt and and inner resentment
'Cause I can't control my armament

Can't put it to rest
And I'm trying my best
My cerebral just can't find it's cortex
Bugging inside and out
Cause I always doubt
That things can work themselves out

My skull feels as thick as a brick
But my brain feels as soft as a lick on the forehead
Maybe I'm not cut out for this shit
Although I've trained my whole life for it

Biting my ass in a meadow
That's full of flowers and Black Widow Spiders
Forced through airport security tighter
Than the ropes that make ropes that aren't getting any lighter

Can't put it to rest
And I'm trying my best
My cerebral just can't find it's cortex
Bugging inside and out
Cause I always doubt
That things can work themselves out
Track Name: Mary Jane
She took me in
Out of that rain
I don't know why

She held her hips
Said, "This is it
Welcome home"

But I could spy
The sadness in her eye
The kind that only speaks on the inside

Washington Square
Breathe in the air
We were young and everyone was older

Holding hands
We made a stand
Against the coldest winds of september

It's morning Mary Jane

Mid-term blues
Sharing shoes
Feel the burn, you should learn

Put down the knife
Pick up your life
Don't you know your smile makes me younger

But she held her hips
And said this is it
Beneath the coldest winds of December
Track Name: Glass Masquerade
Morning it comes to the mountain
Sunlight streams over her face
Bareboned as when we were orphaned
But far more fed and far more safe

Steam rise from inside my glass now
Filter the sun to my arms
Color a copper rainbow
Watching the final star

Feed me inside the orchard
Bleed my heart through your page
Through all the lines and the paper
Staining your glass masquerade

Cover me blindly with your love
Holy Alter of Day
Paint your words with my fingers
Stain my glass masquerade
Track Name: Camellia
Well I'm feeling low down today
I don't know just what I'll say
Maybe I'll sing tomorrow
To you beneath the trees I've borrowed

Come lay me down like a hard-worked hound
Like a college girl on her birthday
Well you've been around since I've touched the ground
Since mama chose that I should stay

Camellia, Ooo camellia

Sometimes no work and all play
Can make the blues go away